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The mobility aids, disability aids and daily living aids section of our catalogue contains products such as walkers, crutches, mobility scooters accessories, wheelchairs, walking sticks, walking stick accessories, wheelchair ramps and mobility scooter ramps.



At Skill, we have a variety of bathing aids and bathroom accessories such as shower chairs, shower stools, support rails, grab rails, grab bars, bath boards, bath lifts, bath seats, bathing hoists and bath shower seats.


Toileting aids and bathroom accessories

Our range of toileting aids includes raised toilet seats, comfort and hygiene products, chemical toilets, bed pans, incontinence protection, urinals, toilet surround rails and continence pants and briefs, and many more products to make your life easier.


Comfort aids

You can also choose from a wide selection of mobility aids to assist with comfort. We have back supports, neck supports, pressure relief aids and seating, dressing aids, fall prevention, warmth products, memory foam cushions and many other cushions.


Homecare aids

We have a variety of homecare aids, including bed aids, bed rails, home therapy, bed raisers, chair raiser, riser and recliner chairs, chairs, elevators, bed raisers, leg rests, dressing aids, grooming aids, support wedges and support aids.


Moving and handling products

At Skill, we stock a massive range of patient moving and patient handling products. Included in this section are (amongst many others) hoists, slide and glide sheets, slings, patient transfer, transfer belts, transfer boards, transfer discs and transfer turners.


Household aids

We have a huge selection of household aids and disability products to help around the house. This category includes kitchen aids, eating aids, drinking aids, writing aids, reading aids, plates and dishes, sensory impairment products and lots more.


All weather and clothing accessories

Bags, cushions, scooter covers, umbrellas and all weather clothing.

Daily living aids and accessories in Bishop's Stortford

"I would recommend Skill Mobility to anyone who is contemplating buying a mobility scooter. They are extremely helpful, courteous and kind to their clients and their after sales service is superb."

-Mrs. Hayden, Bishop's Stortford

For more information on daily living aids in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire and Essex, get in touch with our team on:

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