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At Skill, we stock a wide range of small or boot mobility scooters that can be easily dismantled into lightweight components to fit into a car boot. These scooters can have a range of up to 8-12 miles between charges and are usually seen in shopping centres and on the pavements. The riders of these scooters usually have some mobility but tend to tire easily or maybe can’t walk very far. Take a look at our range of small mobility scooters here.

Small mobility scooters in Bishop's Stortford

Medium-sized mobility scooters are much more substantial than boot or small scooters. They often offer more car-like features such as padded, height and reach adjustable seat, lights and indicators and a longer range between charges. Medium-sized scooters tend to have bigger wheels and can have a maximum speed of up to 4mph. These mobility scooters can sometimes be dismantled to fit in a car, but this process is usually more complicated than with a small-sized scooter. Take a look at our range of medium mobility scooters here.

Medium scooters

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Large-sized mobility scooters are much more substantial, and often twice the size of a boot scooter. These mobility scooters have a top speed of up to 8mph, and depending on the model range of up to 35 miles and are legal to be used on the road or off-road. As they are road legal, they have a full lighting kit and indicators. They offer large wheels, pneumatic tyres and often have suspension to provide a comfortable ride. For a lot of people, these large mobility scooters will replace their car and will be their main method of transport. As a result of this, the larger electric scooters will be more substantial and rugged than a boot or small-sized mobility scooter.

Large scooters

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